Mesomap of Ontario Weather Network Stations

 Temperature   Dew Point   Humidity   Wind Direction and Speed/Gust   Rain Today   Pressure and Trend   Current Condition   Name of the town 

6.8 °C DP 5.8 °C 93 % Wind from NWNW  3 G 5 kph 8.8 mm 1006.4 hPaRising Slowly Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy Beamsville

6.0 °C DP 5.0 °C 93 % Wind from EE  19 G 31 kph 35.4 mm 1006.4 hPaRising Slowly Metar CYOW: Mist Mist Beckwith Township

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6.7 °C DP 3.6 °C 81 % Wind from NN  0 kph 9.4 mm 1008.3 hPaRising Slowly Metar CYXU: light Drizzle +Mist light Drizzle +Mist Komoka

6.5 °C DP 5.4 °C 93 % Wind from NN  0 kph 15.6 mm 1007.7 hPaRising Slowly Metar CYTZ: Mist Mist Oshawa

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6.2 °C DP 4.7 °C 90 % Wind from WNWWNW  0 kph 8.5 mm 1007.8 hPaRising Slowly Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy Toronto

7.4 °C DP 5.9 °C 90 % Wind from NN  0 kph 0.0 mm 984.0 hPaRising Unionville

8.3 °C DP -34.6 °C 3 % Wind from NWNW  0 kph 9.4 mm 1008.3 hPaSteady Metar CYYZ: Mostly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy Vaughn

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5.1 °C DP 4.5 °C 96 % Wind from NNWNNW  1 G 5 kph 9.4 mm 1007.4 hPaRising Slowly Metar CYGK: light Rain light Rain Westport

Conditions data shown was collected
from 20-Apr-2019 23:30:10 EDT to 20-Apr-2019 23:40:01 EDT

The Ontario Weather Network is an affiliation of personal weather Websites located in Ontario. Toronto is proud to be a member of the COWN network.
Please take a moment to visit other stations on the network by clicking on the map above or clicking on the links below. The stations are displaying the weather conditions: Temperature, dew point, humidity, wind direction and speed/gust speed, today's rain, barometric pressure and trend, current conditions and the name of the city where the weather station is located.

Member stations of the Ontario Weather Network

as of 17-Nov-2016 08:54:21 EST

Beamsville: 6.8°C, DP 5.8°C, 93%, NW 3 G 5 kph, Rain: 8.8mm, Pressure: 1006.4hPa Rising Slowly, Partly Cloudy Beckwith Township: 6.0°C, DP 5.0°C, 93%, E 19 G 31 kph, Rain: 35.4mm, Pressure: 1006.4hPa Rising Slowly, Metar CYOW: Mist Collingwood - No current conditions report Komoka: 6.7°C, DP 3.6°C, 81%, N 0 kph, Rain: 9.4mm, Pressure: 1008.3hPa Rising Slowly, Metar CYXU: light Drizzle +Mist Oshawa: 6.5°C, DP 5.4°C, 93%, N 0 kph, Rain: 15.6mm, Pressure: 1007.7hPa Rising Slowly, Metar CYTZ: Mist Pickering - No current conditions report Stayner - No current conditions report Toronto: 6.2°C, DP 4.7°C, 90%, WNW 0 kph, Rain: 8.5mm, Pressure: 1007.8hPa Rising Slowly, Partly Cloudy Unionville: 7.4°C, DP 5.9°C, 90%, N 0 kph, Rain: 0.0mm, Pressure: 984.0hPa Rising, Vaughn: 8.3°C, DP -34.6°C, 3%, NW 0 kph, Rain: 9.4mm, Pressure: 1008.3hPa Steady, Metar CYYZ: Mostly Cloudy Wawa - No current conditions report Westport: 5.1°C, DP 4.5°C, 96%, NNW 1 G 5 kph, Rain: 9.4mm, Pressure: 1007.4hPa Rising Slowly, Metar CYGK: light Rain

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Dew Point
Trend Last
Ontario Beamsville Partly Cloudy 6.8 5.8 93 NW Wind from NW 3 5 8.8
1006.4Rising Slowly
Rising Slowly 23:39:53
Ontario Beckwith Township Metar CYOW: Mist 6.0 5.0 93 Wind from E 19 31 35.4
1006.4Rising Slowly
Rising Slowly 23:39:06
Ontario Komoka Metar CYXU: light Drizzle +Mist 6.7 3.6 81 Wind from N 0 0 9.4
1008.3Rising Slowly
Rising Slowly 23:39:59
Ontario Oshawa Metar CYTZ: Mist 6.5 5.4 93 Wind from N 0 15.6
1007.7Rising Slowly
Rising Slowly 23:40:01
Ontario Toronto Partly Cloudy 6.2 4.7 90 WNW Wind from WNW 0 0 8.5
1007.8Rising Slowly
Rising Slowly 23:39:58
Ontario Unionville 7.4 5.9 90 Wind from N 0 0.0
Rising 23:30:10
Ontario Vaughn Metar CYYZ: Mostly Cloudy 8.3 -34.6 3 NW Wind from NW 0 0 9.4
Steady 23:39:46
Ontario Westport Metar CYGK: light Rain 5.1 4.5 96 NNW Wind from NNW 1 5 9.4
1007.4Rising Slowly
Rising Slowly 23:39:55